A while back a friend on FB posed a question as one of her status updates that read: What should I make for dinner?

As I scrolled all the comments filled with delicious ideas, one comment made my nose turn up like some rich snob.

Spaghetti with kool-aid to drink.

Oh you deprived soul.  Kool-aid is for poor people.

Yes this thought actually ran through my pea-sized brain.  How judgmental of me and how quickly I’d forgotten where I came from.

Mom was a single mama with three little mouths to feed including her own.  No matter how small our finances looked we always had something to eat.  It wasn’t caviar or filet mignon, but we were satisfied.  Sitting at the table with my brother and sister, a plate of hamburger helper and a cup of kool-aid made us happy.  We knew nothing of fancy delicacies, only mayonnaise sandwiches.

You mean to tell me, I can have a glob of mayo slathered on a piece of bread?  Awesome!

How could I have easily forgotten devouring a spam sandwich and telling my mom with a cherry flavored kool-aid smile, “Thank you Mommy.”

Hi, my name is Tami and this blog will bring you many of my childhood memories.  The games we played and the foods we ate.  Also my goal is to share recipes and tips for families on a tight budget.  Because I am not rich and sometimes have to revert back to spam and kool-aid.

I pray the dishes on my table warms your heart, fills you with gladness and most importantly brings your family together with good memories to last a lifetime.

Happy Eating!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. love the new site!

    • Thank you so much for checking it out. I meant to comment on your blog this morning because I tried out the omelet in a cup. It was super fast, easy and delicious.

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