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Words that would haunt me for many years. I can still hear the kids at school teasing me. When I was a kid, Mom would make cupcakes by the dozens and send my sister and I off to sell them in the apartments where we lived. She even made us go to the businesses located in front of us. We hated it. However we did get a free pizza out of it. Our classmates lived in the same apartments and would always make jokes at school.

Voicing our opinions to Mom did not change her mind. Often we would return home from school to find Mom frosting cupcakes. “Can I go back to school?” So off we went door to door asking “Would you like to buy a cupcake?”

We were kids and new nothing about bills that needed to be paid. This is how Mom paid the bills. Every quarter counted for something. At least our math skills were being sharpened. I remember the neighbors teaching us different ways to count the change.

Years later my sister and I were walking down S. Congress Avenue in Austin, TX and what did we see? A small silver 50’s style trailer with a huge cupcake on the roof. Hey Cupcake! sells delicious oversized cupcakes. We could have kicked ourselves in the booski. But seriously, if you ever visit Austin be sure to try the carrot cake. Amazing!

Now it is my turn. I am saving every peso I can to give my son a memorable 5th birthday party. I had every intention to sale these german chocolate cupcakes, but the thought of going out door to door, or in this case gate to gate, made me shy and nervous. So I just offered them to my friends.

Maybe I am scarred for life!