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Okay the title is a little corny. I am my mother’s daughter. Love you!

Where there is a sample stand, you can bet I will be all over it. You can also bet that I will get suckered into buying whatever it is they are selling. “Well this money is for the kid’s pull-ups. Oh okay, I’ll take two. An extra load of laundry won’t hurt.”


HEB had several samples in the store this week. In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, it’s Taco Revolution! Fajitas marinated in two different sauces. Melt in your mouth grilled beef skirt. SLURP! Yakult…I’m not that much of a sucker. Sorry yakult. I’ll pass. Has anyone ever tried that concoction? Taste like those confetti birthday cakes. Bleh! There was also a lady making shredded pork tacos. She topped it with a creamy shredded cabbage mixture. “I’ll have seconds on the cabbage please.” Yum!

1/4 of a medium sized cabbage, shredded
16 ounce container of sour cream
1/2 a jar of That Green Sauce (caution: this sauce bites back)
1 cup of shredded Habanero Jack cheese
Goya Sazonador Total, to taste

Toss everything together in a bowl until the cabbage is coated well with the sour cream. Use in place of lettuce on your tacos, burritos or tostadas. I served it along side sausage and peppers.