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1 year and 4 months have come and gone since my last post.  That is way too long.  I miss blogging.  I miss all my followers.  I miss cooking.  Yes cooking.  Since I started working I have had little to no time for my favorite hobby.  During my spring break vacation I did do some cooking for my family, but it was rushed, so we really can not say it was cooking.  More like throwing something together.

I have a four day weekend and I was able to cook!  Lasagna is what I wanted and lasagna is what I got.  There has been a lot of “movement” going on in the streets of this country.  However, I really wanted lasagna and ventured out to gather the missing ingredients. What I needed most was a casserole dish to assemble the lasagna.  I went all over the cartel infested streets only to come back empty handed.  Why is it so hard to find anything in this town?  I wound up borrowing one from my neighbor.  Thank God she had one.  At this point I was so tired but still determined.

I cannot take credit for this scrumptious recipe.  This is Emeril Lagasse’s 1-2-3 lasagna and it is fantastic.  The sauce can be used for spaghetti as well.