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After four years of being with out a job, I am re-entering the workforce. Whoo hoo! A few weeks back I had several meetings with my soon to be employer and the moment I was told my start date I screamed with excitement. On the inside of course.  I was excited about my start date because it gave me the chance to go back home and visit with my family.  I had such a great time.

Okay so back to the recipes. Like limemade, grapefruit juice is just as refreshing.  I might have drank the whole pitcher in the matter of minutes. Is that bad?  My MIL kind of freaked out when I told her I made grapefruit juice.  She told me not to drink to much of it. Ooops!

I pretty much followed the same process as to make the limemade but instead of limes I used grapefruit.

Grapefruit Juice

4 large grapefruit
1/2 cup sugar, more or less
Water, about 2 qrts.

Squeeze the juice of the grapefruit in to a 2 qrt. pitcher.  I used the back of a small cup to help press as much juice as I could from the grapefruit.  I really need a juicer.  Add 1 qrt. of water and sugar.  Stir well adding water until you reach your desired taste.  Pour into a glass with ice and enjoy.

What are your favorite fruit juices you like to make at home?