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When Esposo’s aunt and uncle were in town this past spring break, they made tripas. Tripas are a very interesting food. It’s basically the lining of an animal’s stomach. Very unappealing but tasty. Mexicans are known for cooking every single part of an animal. I must confess…I do love me some guts! Esposo and I prefer them fried to crispy perfection.

The process of cooking tripas is quite an event. The tripas are placed in a cazo right over an outdoor fire. A cazo is a huge metal pot maybe copper. I am not sure exactly what it is made of. While the cazo was getting real nice and hot, the tripas were being cut into smaller strips. They are then thrown into the cazo. They way it was explained to me was, the tripas will boil in their own juices. The liquid will then evaporate and the tripas will then begin to fry in the grease released from the fat. I know…what kind of people are we?  We are fat is what we are.

However it is this kind of food that brings our family together.


Holy tripas!

Does your family have some crazy off the wall foods you all eat?