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If you have a child under the age of one on a bottle that’s fine.  If you have a baby over the age of one on a bottle, no es bueno.  Give that kid a sippy cup!

If you have a child under the age of three and he/she drinks from a sippy, that cool.  If you have a child over the age of three and still drinks from a sippy, no es bueno.  Give that kid a regular cup!

I have to talk about sippies and bottles because I see way too many kids that can walk, talk and run with the rest of the big kids still on the bottle and drinking from spouted cups.  I’m talking about kids with full sets of teeth and are over the age of three and sometimes older.

I was pretty much a by-the-book kind of mom when I had my *Papas.  I religiously read the book What to Expect: The first Year.  I knew it drove my mother crazy because experience trumps what some 500 some odd page book can tell you about your own baby.  Which is true.  I took in a lot of great information and with my motherly instincts I’d like to think I did a good job.

I tried several attempts at nursing Papas but he just wasn’t having it.  So bottle it was and by two months old he was holding it on his own.  No JOKE!

4 months + This cup is perfect for starting your little ones on especially if he/she has no teeth. The spout is soft and handles perfect for little hands to grip on to.

We started Papas off pretty early at 4 months on a sippy cup.  We only offered water and later juice at 5 1/2 months in his cup.  Of course there was a lot of spills on his shirt as he was getting used to a new form of drinking.  That’s to be expected.  Whenever he would see his cup he knew he was getting a treat.

When Papas was about 10 months I tried giving him his formula in the sippy cup but he was not having it.  Once the milk touched his tongue he tossed the cup aside.  I wanted to start his transition from bottle to sippy but, he wasn’t ready.

At about 11 1/2 months I started the transition from formula to whole milk.  I tried giving him whole milk by itself and he didn’t care to much for it so then I started to mix little by little the whole milk with the formula.  I’m not sure if this is okay to do but it worked out great.  He was eating more solid foods and made the switch to whole milk by his first birthday, in a sippy cup.

On Papas’ first birthday I tossed out all bottles and he didn’t seem to miss them one bit.  I never even gave him the chance to say words such as bottle or titi.  I remember having to take a trip to the emergency room one evening and they gave him pedialyte in a small bottle and he touched the nipple to his lips and kind of giggled like “What am I supposed to do with this.”

He went through several cups but the more teeth he got the more concerned I got about him drinking from a spouted cup.  I didn’t want it to interfere with the growth of his teeth.

The cup in the middle up there was horrible.  Papas had to suck extremely hard that he popped a blood vessel in his lip.  The cups to the right I didn’t care for.  He looked like a baby all over again drinking from a bottle.

Great for transitioning from sippy to big kid cups!

For a long while Papas drank out of the take-n-toss straw cups so when I bought him the age appropriate cup easy for transitioning to big boy cups, he threw the biggest fit because it didn’t have a straw.  He would get frustrated because he was used to drinking from the straw and when he held the new cup to his mouth and sucked up no juice was coming up.  He had to get used to tilting it like a big boy.  I think this took us about a week for him to stop crying for his straws.

Poor kid, but it’s all about transitioning and being patient when teaching your kids new things.  Which brings me to say this, all kids are different.  I know this.  What worked for my kid may or may not work for your little ones.  I personally didn’t want to deal with a big kid crying for his titi.  Call me hard core, but Papas turned out fine.  He may have a little twitch but he’s fine.

We are now down to drinking from his sippy only on car rides.  Every where else he is mommy’s big boy.

I would love to hear about your experience with transitioning your child.

*Papas – my son