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Not very many people like the *masa from the tamales but I love it.  When *Grammo would run out of meat filling for the tamales she would use the rest of the masa to fill the husk.  I am such a cow that I make sure no masa is left on the husk and take it from everyone else’s as well.

*Esposo’s cousin has a mother-n-law that is an outrageous cook.  This woman dishes out *pozole and tamales like no one’s business.  She has a variety of tamales that she makes and everyone’s favorite by far is the chicken and cream cheese.  I can literally eat half a dozen of these.

Because these tamales are so good I take precaution not to dry them out when reheating.  Dried out tamales are the worst.  Here are few tips on storing and reheating tamales.

  • Usually when you buy tamales they are wrapped up by 1/2 dozen or 1 dozen in foil.  If you do not plan on eating them with in the week, keep them in the foil and place them in a plastic bag, sealed tightly.  I personally would keep them in the freezer no longer than 1 month.

    Comal method

  • When ready to eat let the tamales thaw completely.
  •  The first way to reheat your tamales is on a *comal.  Esposo’s family likes to reheat them this way to get the tamales nice and toasty.  Remove them from the foil and place them one by one on a heated comal.
  • The method I prefer is placing the tamales in a plastic bag, remove them from the foil of course, and pop them into the microwave until heated through.  The bag helps to keep all the moisture in and not dry the tamales out.

Do you have a special method on reheating your food?

*masa – dough.  In this case it is a corn based dough.
*Grammo – this is what we called my great grandmother.
*Esposo – Spanish for husband.  This is what my husband’s name will be for this blog.
*pozole – Hominy soup
*comal – flat cast iron skillet.