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Mom worked a ton of hours when we were kids to make ends meet.  The shift she worked the most was graveyard so she also did a lot of sleeping.  The times she slept we of course took advantage in asking her to do all sorts of stuff.  She would answer us with a “mmhm yeh.”  Good enough for us.  Woo hoo!  She said yes!  It wasn’t our fault the whole pack of now-n-laters are gone.

One day my sister and I really wanted some kool-aid and mom was in too deep a sleep to make it for us.  We had seen mom make it numerous occasions and we were confidant in making it ourselves.  We dragged a chair to the kitchen counter and hopped up near the sink.  We had everything we needed:

  • A pitcher we filled with water
  • Two kool-aid packets
  • A cardboard container with a picture of a girl holding an umbrella, surely this was sugar.

How much fun were we having?  We were big girls making kool-aid all on our own.  At one point my sister asked if we were making it right.  “Sure we are.  Put some more of the white stuff.”  When we were done stirring, I poured us two cups and we took the biggest gulp and immediately green juice shot out of our mouths.  “That wasn’t sugar.”

This is the earliest memory that I have of me in the kitchen and one I’ll never forget.

Here is a refreshing beverge you can make during these hot summer days to keep you cool and refreshed.


11 key limes
2 qrts of water
1/2 cup sugar or to taste

Squeeze the juice of the key limes into a 2qrt pitcher.  Add sugar and half the water.  Stir well dissolving the sugar.  Add the rest of the water.  Pour limeade into a glass with ice and enjoy on a hot summer’s day.

What is your earliest memory of being in the kitchen?